Tuesday 7 July 2020

Top 8 reasons why you should get a Brompton over other bicycles

We have been here before but a few of you out there have asked me why a Brompton over other bicycles? It is a question that I get asked quite a bit and if you have a Brompton you have probably been asked it as well. Ask ten Brompton owners this one and you'll get lots of different responses so these are specific to me - but some of you out there might agree as well.

#1. The ultimate personal transport.

The main reason people buy a Brompton is that it is excellent multi-modal personal transport. Your Brompton can get you to the railway station, tube station, bus terminus, airport...the list goes on. It is wonderful for short distances where another forms of transport are waiting at the other end.

Get to one of these and it is too busy for comfort or it is a beautiful sunny morning / evening you have the freedom to simply unfold and cycle. The word freedom is quite an important one as owning a Brompton gives you many more options to do what is convenient for you. There really isn't another bicycle that folds quite as well to allowing you to use just about every form of public transport as part of your journey. Electric scooters seem to occupy this territory as well but there are no batteries to charge to keep my Brompton working.

#2. Luggage capacity

For £15 you can get a front carrier block. Fitting this is easy and a couple of minutes of your time. Once done it opens your Brompton up to a vast array of luggage options. You can get large bags for touring or for carrying larger loads or small day versions. Once mounted these bags sit there and do not interfere with the steering and can almost be forgotten that they are even there. For me they are a much more practical and elegant solution to carrying luggage on you bicycle when compared to pannier racks/bags.

#3. Go anywhere, do anything.

A Brompton is a tough little customer, built to a high standard and to last. It is happiest on the open road but if you have read some of my blog posts over the years, it is able to cope with bridal paths, gravel tracks, cobbled streets, canal/riverside paths and pretty much everything in-between. A Brompton can tackle almost anything and it does so rather well. 

It can also happily attend events that are geared towards larger wheels. I have completed Audax events, sportives and bigger events such as the RideLondon. I have done the Ride46 on a Brompton and would have done the Ride100 this year had the 'C' not halted proceedings.

#4. Cult following.

You may well own a Brompton and use it exclusively for commuting and shorts journeys but there is a near sub-culture of Brompton enthusiasts out there all across the world. It would not take a great deal of effort to find a local group that you could join for social gatherings and rides.

There are several forums dedicated to all things Brompton and lots of...ahem....blogs that enthuse about the virtues of owning one!

If you have an issue with your Brompton someone out there on the worldwide web is going to be able to help you out and point you in the right direction to solve your issue.

#5. Adventure

A Brompton can be used to explore your immediate surroundings but it can allow you go on adventures. Perhaps a big reason for this is that you can easily fold it up and get it on a train etc.., when and if you need to.

These adventures can be short distances or much longer ones and the Brompton is able to cope with them very well. (You might need to acquire a level of fitness to embark upon longer adventures but it can be done).

A particular favourite as you probably know is the London to Brighton overnight run that the Brompton copes incredibly well with. At Brighton boarding the train to London, I cannot begin to tell you how much happier I feel having a bicycle that folds as well as Brompton does when trying to get back!

#6. There are many like it but this Brompton is mine!

I cannot think of another bicycle that can be customised to an owners taste as much as a Brompton can. Think about that. You buy a road bike and you have no choice in the colour. You just buy whatever the manufacturer has released. Buy a Brompton and the combinations are vast!

There are several people that really do call me Mr Orange, Mr O or Orange and I am not sure they actually know what I am called. Orange is of course my thing.

If you want to talk customisation take a look at my Partner in Crime and legend that is BumbleB. Need I say any more?! 

#7. That feeling.

It is well documented that exercise distresses and helps with all that mindfulness stuff. Of course, I am sure that this applies to other bicycles out there too. Is a Brompton more than this? A Brompton does seem to help with all of this and I can type this as people have told me it does. Go out at the weekend and you will see packs of roadies happily riding about. When you see a group of Brompton riders in large numbers, not only does it make you happy it brings a smile to the face of onlookers too.

#8. Friendship

You will have read on this blog that I have met many fine people who happen to be Brompton riders. Some I am on nodding terms with. Some are acquaintances but some are good friends I would not have met apart from me buying a Brompton bicycle. In this I am not along. I have heard much the same from many of you across the world telling me about the friendships you have made.

There you have it. I wonder how many you agreed with and as I indicated, I suspect you could come up with several more reasons to go down the Brompton route rather than the alternatives out there.

Stay safe out there people!!

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