Wednesday 15 July 2020

Looking forward to time set aside for Brompton adventures

The last few weeks have been manic to say the least. From lockdown to now there has been no working at home and I have been at work more or less continuously. I suppose in the current climate I am very luck to still have a job and believe me I am not complaining. However, I am looking forward to dedicating some time for Brompton adventures.

Now these adventures will not see me circumnavigate the globe but will be more of what I like to do without the restrictions of being on-call or having to get back to answer emails etc. I am sure that this will still be a feature but I have some time off in the not too distance and I intend to use some of it to get out on my Brompton bikes and enjoy the ride.

One route I have not partaken in for what seems like ages is the Thames Path going from Tower Bridge all the way to the Thames Flood Barrier. I really enjoy this route and fancy doing it again. Another is Dungeness. This is an unusual part of the world and I would like to pay not another visit.

Ideally I would also like to go on a few overnight rides to the coast - but for these I will almost certainly need to enlist Dr John to come with me.

Apart from that I would just like to venture out and see where the road takes me.

Stay safe out there people!!

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