Thursday 4 June 2020

'You Brompton boys are crazy!'

In the last few weeks, here in London we have experienced some truly wonderful sunny days and high temperatures. British weather is changeable to say the least and a topic that is part of the general small talk that crosses all social and cultural boundaries. Stand at any bus, stop, train station etc.., and you will probably hear someone start their conversation about the current state of the weather, what it might be like later on or what they have heard it might be like next week.

This week the temperatures have been down roughly 10-degrees compared to what they were a week ago. I have been waring a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to work and this week - despite the colder conditions - wearing the same. 

Early this morning I had laid myself out a hoodie to wear as it was cold. Setting off on my Orange Flame Lacquer I thought to myself that it was indeed cold and after about one mile realised that I had forgotten said hoodie. Not wanting to turn back, like Sir Ernest Shackleton, I carried stoically on. 

At a set of traffic lights a chap on a road bike pulled up beside me. He was wearing a hi-viz jacket, long bib-tights and a pair of gloves. I was dressed like an extra from the video of 'Club Tropicana' by Wham! Apart from him mentioning the weather and what a cold morning it was, he pointed at my garments and said 'aren't you cold in that?' Nonchalantly, I replied that cycle would warm me up. (What I wanted to say was that it was so cold I hoped that my nipples would not tear their way through the fabric of my T-shirt)! As he cycled off when the lights turned green he said 'you Brompton boys are crazy!' Knowing the people I do who ride a Brompton...he might have a point!!

Stay safe out there people!

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