Wednesday 17 June 2020

'Me, Myself and I' ride this Brompton!!

Those of you of a certain age may of course get the song I referred to in the title of this blog. Back in 1989 I was gifted a Brompton which I was to gift away two years later (wish I had kept it) and my favourite songs at the time was 'Me Myself and I' by De La Soul. Memories of that bike and that song go hand in hand.

Okay, back to the blog post. I don't let just anyone have a go on my Brompton bicycles! The only people I would happily allow would be Mrs Orange and the Orangettes - but fortunately they don't really share my interest so I think I am safe.

There are of course people who have asked, people who aren't family. I have politely but firmly declined. I feel guilty about this for all of two seconds and then revert to 'Me, myself and I.' The only person allowed near my bikes is me!

The recommended rider limited for a Brompton - weight of rider, combined with any luggage - should not exceed 110kg or 242 lbs or 17 stone. I am pretty sure that the Brompton could happily allow someone to exceed this as they are built like tanks. I however am not prepared to chance it.
I have a relative by marriage who must weigh 6 - 8 stone over this limit and there is no way I would let him near any of my bikes!

The trouble is you just don't quite know what someone will do?! Will they crash? Will they break something off? Heaven forbid, will they scratch the paintwork?! It is a dilemma.

So, in the same way that I wouldn't let someone use one of my fountain pens, or my Brompton bicycles are for 'Me, myself and I.'

Are any of you like this with your Brompton or other bicycles? Let me know.

Stay safe out there people!!

If I travelled back in time and met him on my Brompton and he wanted a go, guess what my answer would be!!


  1. There are, perhaps, a very few people I would lend one of mine to. Specifically, my friend Giovanni, who, after I'd crashed, collapsed a lung and broken 3 ribs, a couple of weeks before the 2018 Urban Hill Climb, was persuaded to take my place in the race, having zero experience of riding up Swains Lane until the night he picked the bike up from me a couple of days before the event.

    While I had great trust in Gio, there was definitely a feeling of slight panic as he took it away with him, but immense pride cheering him on up the hill on race day. It was only the second time he'd ridden up the hill, and first time using SPD pedals. He put in an immense effort. Poor guy was in bits at the top. But, he rented a Brommie to take part the following year!

  2. With you on this one. Won't let anyone else use my Mont Blanc either...

  3. Oh.. and "3 Feet High and Rising" is a great album ... revisiting that quite a bit lately!

  4. I don't share bikes and condoms!


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