Tuesday 23 June 2020

Overtaking other cyclists on a Brompton

The great, Victoria Pendleton - two-time Olympic gold medalist - recently shared a story which spotlighted the sexism she encounters as a cyclist, with male riders she passes on the road refusing to believe they could have been overtaken and speeding up to try and accelerate past her. This did make me think about being out and about on a Brompton.

Someone on a road bike can travel much faster and cover distances a great deal more quickly than someone on a Brompton. There I have said it and it is true. However there have been occasions where I have overtaken a roadie. When this has happened I too have heard the gears grinding and after a while, the scalped rider overtakes me again. 

When traffic lights turn green - with a Brompton being able to accelerate swiftly - the prospect of being first off the lines is high. It is at these moments that you know someone behind you is going to try their best to go past. It is all rather sill really.

Have you ever encountered this on your adventures?

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. once you mount light-rolling tyres, do away with the old standard, too soft suspension block, and get a proper riding position, the difference in speed is not great really, and much smaller than people in general tend to imagine.

    so interesting situations arise all the time. however the reaction i get is mostly surprice, so really no negative encounters. if they are close in speed i sometimes open for a short chat as i pass others,

    here is an observance from london on the matter. read rule number 7:)



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