Tuesday 9 June 2020

New wrenches my Brompton toolkit

When I first bought a Brompton bicycle ten years ago (I did actually have one back in 1990 but the same applies) I did not know how to do anything in terms of repairs or maintenance. During this time I have likened myself to a character from a Jane Austen novel, who if encountering a rear wheel puncture, would probably have got light headed, reached for a laced handkerchief and fainted! I was that person. Thankfully, over the years I have acquired enough knowledge to carry out most of the major repair and maintenance needed to keep my fleet in good condition, that would otherwise require a trip to the local bike shop.

Over the same period of time I have built up a small collection of tools very specific to the Brompton. A couple of new purchases have been wrenches by 'Park Tools' with the addition of a ratchet.

I have one in 15mm and the other in 10mm which is really all you need to replace wheels and performs a few other tweaks.

The addition of the ratchet - which I have to say works really well - makes things easier and a little quicker. I have a few other items by 'Park Tools' and have always found them to be built to last.

Prices vary for these but £9.99 is about right for each. Well worth looking up if you don't have any of these or want to replace what you have.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Very nice - Park Tools are ace. I've got the 'official' Brompton toolkit stashed neatly in the head-tube section; really really REALLY hoping I don't have to use it...I've done many miles on hub-geared bikes and still dread fixing a rear-wheel flat on the roadside. At least with the Brompton, if things really go south, I guess I could flag down a passing motorist and chuck it in the boot for a lift home! Would be interested to hear of your experiences (if any) on that front.

    1. Hello Nick. I too have the Brompton Toolkit and these are for use at home rather than carrying around.

      I do recall a time when I had to get a lift home - watch this space.

  2. Hello there, Mr Orange Brompton,

    No particularly strong feelings about wrenches or ratchets one way or the other, but I wanted to say thank you so much for keeping your blog going over the past weeks. It's been a slog, and the posts have provided some much needed distraction and Bromtotainment for the duration.

    All best to you and the orange beauties,



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