Friday 5 June 2020

Why I use my Orange Flame Lacquer Brompton for my commute

As you know I have two Brompton bicycles. One an Orange, Black Special Edition and the other pictured below, an Orange Flame Lacquer. Although I have used both for my Brompton commute, it is the Flame Lacquer that has this as its main role.

The main reason is the fact this Brompton has a front carrier blog. The other one doesn't because of the bracket I use attaching the front dynamo light being too high for a bag on a carrier block to fit happily. I usually carry a T-bag to work and this is an excellent bag for carrying all sorts.

This Brompton has the standard dynamo hub with front and rear lights. These lights really are very good and have the bonus of inbuilt reflectors. They are very much a fit and forget option and I find them very useful. I have used this bike on my overnight adventures to the coast and although the front dynamo light isn't quite good enough on its own for serious night riding, it is more than good enough for your commute when combined with a more powerful flashing front light. In addition to this the front light has good side illumination.

My Flame Lacquer is an M-type offering a good view of the road. The addition of some Brooks leather grips make things very comfortable.

Last of all the saddle. Mine is fitted with a Brooks B17 Titanium Special Edition and it is perhaps the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned. This is important as on my commute (which isn't actually that far) I don't wear padded bib shorts. I find that this saddle is comfortable no matter what I wear, whether that be a suit or a pair of jeans.

Of course I don't reserve this bike just for the daily commute. It does get out to play quite frequently as you will have seen in my blog posts.

The Orange Black Special Edition rarely gets used for the commute.  The Flame Lacquer is the Brompton I use for pretty much everything and I am rather fond of it.

What bike do you use for your commute? Let me know.

Stay safe out there people!

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