Thursday 18 June 2020

Lubing up on my Brompton!

What an unfortunate title for a blog post! I thought I would start with that. Now if you thought this was something else I am sorry to disappoint you and if you did think it was something else...well really!!

After cleaning the chains on my Brompton bicycles I used to simply give them a generous coating in GT85 and that was pretty much it. This didn't last long because as soon as there was a bit of moisture in the air you could almost hear the chain grinding away.

For a few years I have been using 'Pure Dry Lube' which I have found to be pretty good. More recently I bought another dry lube by 'Finish Line.'

For the moment at least my newer addition seems to be pretty good. Last week I was caught in one of the heavier showers and my chain held up pretty well and there wasn't that grinding sensation that means the chain has run dry.

What do you on your bicycle? Do you have an opinion on dry / verses wet? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Wet lube in winter, dry lube in summer, and if no dry lube left in the bottle, keep with the wet lube but clean a little more vigorously between applications. I've found the muc-off wet lube to be very good, in terms of being able to apply little amounts just to the rollers, and it works and lasts well through horrendous conditions, e.g. Storm Dennis in the Lakes, then a week of riding through the mess left.

    Not tempted with that new Graphene lube? Supposed to last 1800km between applications!

  2. have tried dry lube just shortly. there was a sensation of friction as the chain went trough the jockey wheels that i was not quite happy with. but chain stayed nice and clean.

    my go-to chain lube since many years is ordinary fully synthetic motor oil. it cleans and lubes at the same time. apply crank a bit, dry off excess. 60 seconds. is not very long-lasting: need renewal every 3-5 hours of biking. as i use my bikes also wintertime in snowy conditions i have found this method a good way to keep lubrication soft and smooth also in the very cold.

    if i am out for a long dusty or very wet mtb-ride i might for that occasion only put on some finish line synthetic chain oil, it is thicker and stays on somewhat better, but also attracts more dirt. so soon back to the ordinary:)


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