Friday 12 June 2020

Didn't know I was a magician on my Brompton!!

After work today I headed towards SW7 to run an errand. When I reached my destination I stopped, got off my bike and started to fold it up. As I did I had an encounter that was and interesting as it was amusing.

As I unfolded I heard a heavy American ascent shouting out to the people he was with that there was a guy there, '...breaking his little bicycle!'  Half laughing I informed him that it was a folder and I was simply folding my bike up to take inside. This only served to induce a greater level in incredulity,

I ended up demonstrating how it unfolded and then folded. The gentleman said that he had never seen anything like it and that I must be a magician. Ironically a lady on a Brompton cycled past and I pointed it out. When I said that that bicycle also folded he eyed me with suspicion.

Answering questions about how far you could go on one of these, my reply that I had done 100 miles a few times was met with the shaking of a disbelieving head.

The person I spoke to was called Leroy and he and his wife have been staying with a relative here in London since the beginning of March. They plan to return to Missouri at the beginning of July. He was a true gentleman and again I hold firm my view that I have yet to encounter anyone from America I have not instantly taken a liking to.

It doesn't happen that often nowadays as there are lots of Brompton bikes out there but from time to time it does still happen. Have you ever had to demonstrate the fold/unfold to anyone? Please let me know by leaving  comment.

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. Hi P,

    Yes, I've demonstrated the fold and unfold many times! Especially technically skilled people are interested: my dentist, my surgeon, my acupunctarist... they all want to see how it works. Where I live in Antwerp, Belgium, Bromptons are quite popular, as are speed pedelecs. Half of all speed pedelecs ride around in one big city (0,5 mio habitants).

    But I must say, (most) women aren't impressed at all with a Brompton. They think it's more a thing for geeks. But I don't mind being a geek... It's me having all the fun.

    Cheers, and keep on riding!


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