Saturday 6 June 2020

Rapha Cargo Bib Shorts on a Brompton

Today when I set off, London was freezing! It was almost as if winter had come early. In fact I had to go back inside to get a light rain jacket as there was a distinct chill in the air! This is such a change from the last few weeks of blue skies and glorious, warn sunny weather.

One garment of clothing I had been using while on longer Brompton adventures recently has been a pair of Rapha 'Cargo' bib shorts with a T-shirt rather than a cycling top. Normally I would not be seen in public wearing such a garment and usually put a pair of shorts over them. I mean, who want to look like Rudolf Nureyev at his best!

The 'Cargo' version is rather clever in that it has strong material on the outer thighs forming open pockets. In these you can quite happily store you phone, wallet, keys...the list goes on. There is no rattling about and everything is held very secure. There are also some more of these on the back and together they work really well.  The pads Rapha use are among the best out there and it all adds up to make a very comfortable riding experience.

When I started to heat up a little I folded up the rain jacket and stowed it away in one of the rear mesh pockets. All very clever.

On shorter rides I normally wear whatever it is that I happen to be wearing and for work it is normally a suit. For longer rides I usually wear padded shorts with a pair of short over them. As I have used the 'Cargo' shorts much more often recently (I have owned them for over a year) I can see myself putting them to use more often. For me a great deal more useful than the standard, ubiquitous bib shorts most people wear.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. I'm firmly in the baggies-over-bibs camp, too: I'm no racer, and I feel the pure Lycra look is a bit undignified in a man of my age. I'm a big fan of Endura Humvee MTB shorts, but my favourite bibs (Giordana) are no longer available. Luckily they last for ages :-) Never tried Rapha bibs; have never quite mustered the courage or wherewithal! The Cargo Shorts do look a neat idea, though. Nick

    1. I can't say I would always where just the bib shorts but the T-shirt combo works - in the summer months.


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