Saturday 29 December 2012

The Victoria and Albert Museum - Air Display

A late Christmas present arrived yesterday in the form of a 'Fujifilm Finepix X100.' To say that I am happy about this is an understatement! Since this was announced well over 18 months ago I have coveted one however the price has always been too high. But over 18 months later I now have one! This is just the right timing as the Nikon V1 had to be returned to the shop I bought it from because it had developed a fault in its first few days of ownership.

Sorry for digressing but the reason I mention this is that I of course wanted to get out and test the X100. As the weather was terrible, we decided to go somewhere indoors and eventually decided upon the 'Victoria and Albert Museum' in South Kensington.

We had a lovely time. I snapped away quite happily, tinkering with the settings to get the desired look I was after. The X100 is a manual control camera at heart and I was loving using it. (More on that another time). It came to the point where we decided to have a cup of tea. The V & A has a lovely cafe and in the summer you can go out in to the central courtyard. We sat down on one of the inner rooms which are stunning. 

A tourist who should have know better attempted to open one of the large doors out in to the courtyard. They soon realised the error of their ways and closed it again but not before a guest flew inside. To my amazement and and that of my family a sparrow had flown in. No one else seemed to notice at first. 

This little fellow flew with great aerial acrobatics and for some reason I thought of a spitfire from WWII.  This was a moment of almost clairvoyance. Obviously scared and nervous it released this tension...perhaps fear on to the table adjacent to ours. This had the effect of causing momentary fluster from those seated at said table. I glanced over, trying not to smile - to say my usual line when something like this happens - that it was a lucky omen. This was met with an angry stare. The little sparrow flew around a little more - still more or less being ignored by everyone - and then was gone. Where I do not know but that was the last we saw of it?

I know it is terrible to write this dear reader but I had little sympathy for the dive bombed table. You see they were from the tribe, middle class trying to be upper middle class. There is of course nothing wrong with this but when such people speak loudly trying to convey this fact to all unfortunate to be within earshot, I do draw the line. Besides, they called one of their offspring, 'Pippa!'

Early tomorrow morning, I will be cycling on my beloved Orange Brompton not too far from the V & A and I suspect a smile will play across my lips as I pass it. I only hope that on my travels I come across a sparrow or two. 

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