Tuesday 4 December 2012

Blog Content

I have been thinking about the direction of my blog in recent times. When I first started out it was my thoughts and ramblings about all things Brompton, my adventures thereon and me taking the odd photograph and sharing.

Looking back at my posts I am wondering if I have been doing too many reviews? I say this as I am beginning to think too many are a bit...well...boring? I would love to hear from you my loyal readership about what is your favourite blog entry I have posted and why.

It is likely that I will continue to have the odd review (unless of course I hear that you like them) of items I think will be of interest to you, but my gut reaction is to tone them down a bit.

So, it is over to you and I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hello! I'm a lurker from the US, and I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. Reviews are always welcome. Yours especially seem honest and unbiased, with a focus on products that you actually use and are interested - not things you're reviewing for the sake of writing a review or because the manufacturer or distributor sent you a free sample.

  2. Reviews are great, especially if its not a Brompton specific.

    Plus you cant always do fresh content for a blog with doing reviews for stuff you have actually bought and used you give your readers a better choice on things that themselves considering getting themselves. I personally never really get something unless I've seen lots of real person reviews and if possible seen in person

  3. Also here in the US, and I always enjoy the reviews and your perspective on new Brompton items.

  4. I enjoy your reviews as well, even if there is no direct relation to Bromptons (such as your camera and Lamy pen entries!), and don't think you're doing too many of them. Can't think of a single favourite blog entry. I think you should just keep on writing about what interests you, and not worry about what interests us, otherwise the whole thing might become more of a chore than a pleasure!

    1. Many thanks Will, You are probably right. I will continue to ramble on - possibly the best way.


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