Monday 31 December 2012

Foldable Water Bottle

Another thing that caught my eye in the Bletchley Park shop was a foldable water bottle.

For the princely sum of £2.99 I bought this reusable, collapsible water bottle. It is Eco-friendly, fits into bags, pockets and backpacks and I just thought it would be great for space saving.

It has three layers of ultra durable material that stand up tot he rigours of frequent use. Coming with a carabiner you can clip it to belts, bags or backpacks. Once filled it even stands up and when finished can be rolled up and flattened for easy storage. You can even freeze its contents if you want to keep things cooler. (Doesn't do hot drinks). It can hold 500ml.

I had a go at filling it up and all seems to be fine. I will give it a proper testing when I return to work for my daily commute.

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