Sunday 9 December 2012

Returning Items to Various Shops!

Oh dear. I say. Look here. What a weekend it has been. In addition to braving the masses to do some more Christmas shopping I have actually had to take a few things back to shops.

The first I am very sad to report is the Nikon V1 that I recently bought. There were two issues with this. First electronic viewfinder gave up the ghost after less than a week. I had only taken it out for one day so I was not that impressed.

Secondly when I was doing a bit of pixel peeping and looking back at the images I had taken I discovered to my amazement that the quality of the pictures were not as good as my beloved Ricoh GRD. I will try and put this in perspective for those of you who aren't that interested in cameras. Generally, the larger the sensor the better the images the camera can produce. The Nikon V1 has a one inch sensor and the Ricoh had one much, much smaller. The sensor on the V1 could eat the tiny little one in the Ricoh for breakfast, luncheon and dinner and still have room to spare for a midnight feast! However, the images my little Ricoh has produced are better and contain finer detail.

I took the camera back and got a refund. As it was an interchangeable lens camera I am considering an entry level DSLR. Entry level as they are smaller and lighter than the hulking beasts that are out there.

This morning I headed out for a Brompton ride and was about to take a picture with my iPhone 5 when to my horror I discovered that it would not auto focus!? I hadn't dropped it or treated it badly - in fact I like to keep anything I buy generally in good condition. Being not too far from the Apple Store I made a detour and headed straight for it.

I am pleased to say that within 30 minutes I had a new phone. The Apple staff were baffled and had not encountered this one before. Once home I plugged it in to my iMac and the whole phone was restored in less than five minutes. Very clever.

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