Saturday 8 December 2012

Sunday Morning Brompton Dilemma!

Today, despite the weather and rising early to see clear blue cobalt skies, was devoid of all things Brompton. Tomorrow I aim to set this right by getting up even earlier and heading off.

I have a few locations in mind. I will of course be taking one of my cameras with me to take some more photos of my adventures but I will have to choose a final location.

The first is that old favourite, Richmond Park. I suspect it would be lovely in the early morning. Of course it would also provide a suitably demanding ride.

The second location is Hyde Park. Not as demanding as Richmond Park but still pretty good.

The next is a similar ride to last week taking in Buckingham Palace, the City and perhaps Hyde Park.

The final idea are circuits of Regents Park. This is a favourite of road bike types.

I will give the locations some thought tonight and tomorrow morning stick my head out of an external door to ascertain the weather.

Of course the only other decision is which Brompton to take?

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