Wednesday 12 December 2012

Brompton London by Night Ride Prep

My prep for the forthcoming, Brompton London by Night ride continues.

Today Mrs Orange Brompton clearly concerned about my wellbeing presented me with another top base layer and even a legs base layer. They aren't Helly Hanson but are of a very similar material and look pretty good.

The weather forecast now tells of 10 degrees and light rain. This would probably be better than extreme cold but I must admit to being a tad disappointed. I was looking forward to braving the elements.

For some reason I kept thinking that today was Thursday and that I only had tonight to do some final prep. Luckily I soon realised what day it was and that I still have tomorrow as well.

I am going to try and get an early night today and tomorrow as I doubt whether there will be any prospect of even stealing 40 winks on Friday. Again I find myself looking forward to this ride greatly. The ride will start at 01:00 am Saturday and last through until the early hours of the morning - possibly 07:00 am

If the rain does hold off I would love to get some good shots of London asleep - apart from us intrepid Bromptonians of course. I just hope that we don't get arrested for looking like suspicious types up to no good. I say this as my balaclava is really something one would not want to see on someone at night!

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