Saturday 1 December 2012

Helly Hanson Base Layer

Today I finally bought a Helly Hanson Dry Stripe Crew long sleeved base layer top. I say finally, as I have been meaning to get one for ages but today was the day. This year I have gone on lots of rides and next year I plan to do even more. The beauty of this Helly Hanson top is that it will provide a good amount of insulation but weighs next to nothing and won't mean having to wear cumbersome and bulky layers.

These are I suppose a common sight in London. They are the livery of sporty types, who frequently wear them as tops and not hidden under other layers (as I will wear it). I simply bought one so that it stops me from getting bloody cold on my Brompton in the morning!

The theory goes that the key to staying warm, is keep ones skin dry. With the Helly Hanson base layer the clever fabric moves moisture away from the skin, keeping your warm, dry and comfortable. I haven't a clue how they do this - witchcraft for all I know? - but it really does seem to work.

I will be testing it pout tomorrow morning. The weather forecast looks like a near perfect day for and early morning Brompton ride. Crisp and sunny. I will be taking my new Nikon V1 with me to take some shots and I will let you know what i think of this Helly Hanson top.

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