Sunday 23 December 2012

Spare Battery for Ricoh GRD IV

Regular readers will already know that I have a soft spot for my Ricoh GRD IV. I would go as far as saying that it my all time favourite camera, second only to its predecessor - the GRD III.

The battery life on the Ricoh is nothing short of excellent and approaching 400 shots are a realistic possibility. When you are out and about taking lots of pictures, or taking them in colder conditions the battery does go down. Wi this in mind I decided to look into getting myself a spare battery.

Buying an original Ricoh battery was just too expensive so I looked for an alternative. I found it on Amazon and paid the princely sum of £6.49 with free postage and packing. The prices on Amazon tend to fluctuate so it may be slightly more/less if you have a look.

The battery looks like the original. Takes the same time to charge. Lasts e. same number of shots and so far after 3 months of use keeps its charge. I am very pleased with it and having two batteries means that a day of street/architecture photography is viable.

So if you have a GRD you might want to check the batteries out on Amazon as they represent great value for money.

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