Tuesday 4 December 2012

Good Samaritan Puncture Repair

A few weeks ago I was perhaps the most unconfident person ever when even thinking about repairing a puncture at home, let alone in the field as it were. The mere thought would have brought on a fit of the vapours. After some training from a friend I now feel very confident.

My little tool kit and Genuine Innovations CO2 pump go with me everywhere. Today a work colleague  suffered a puncture on the rear wheel of his single speed lightweight Brompton. This is the first puncture he says that he has ever encountered with Kojak tyres fitted all year round. (Not sure I believe him).

He didn't have any tools etc.., so when I saw him pushing his bike along I stopped to see if all was okay. I was told about the puncture and being about a mile sway from work I volunteered my services. How strange to think that but a few weeks ago this would not have happened.

I got the wheel off pretty quickly and then set to work with the tyre. The Kojak tyres are not as tight as the Marathons and by comparison, quite easy. With a new inner tube in, tyre back on the wheel I got out the Genuine Innovations pump. This made very quick work of inflating the tyre (two presses). With wheel back, after packing up we headed off the mile or so to work.

I must confess to feeling rather proud of myself and I am sure my mentor, Mick would be pleased that his apprentice has been able to use the skills he taught.

My work colleague, like me until I saw one in action, had not heard of the little CO2 pump. He thought it brilliant and ordered one from his local Halfords to collect after work. (They really are useful and I can highly recommend them).

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  1. Hello Mr.O.
    Badger here.
    Sounds like you are an expert now with the rear wheel changes, well done you, I'm sure Mick is proud of his first student.
    Be safe.

    The Brompton Badger.


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