Saturday 29 December 2012

Sunday Brompton Cycling

Tomorrow, regardless of weather I am going to venture out, braving the elements! There, I have said it so now there will be no excuses tomorrow morning!

I have been off work for a week or so and have not really been out on my Brompton a great deal. I have missed it. Deciding that tomorrow, at stupid o'clock would be a good time to get out for a little spin, I will be cycling a few circuits of Hyde Park and maybe beyond?

Hope that you all had a good Christmas by the way! It would be great if you could post some comments telling me what your best present was for Christmas - cycling related or not.

Also, have you managed to stay on the straight and narrow as far as food is concerned? My blog post about how far you'd need to cycle to work off various items of Christmas food favourites, almost induced a riot at my sister in laws!


  1. I could just say "S11E" or supply an address?
    Tried to be sensible with the Chrissie food but limited riding - too busy/hot? (awed by your winter riding; inspired by your blog?)

  2. Forgive the length, completely new to reading and responding to blogs. Dreaming of a trip to England to maybe purchase a Brompton. Right now I'm in Philadelphia pa. and Washington DC. But bought an inferior folder to test the waters. I've read in one night all your blogs back to beginning of November. Please do continue to give as much detail in the way of prices and times as you can, as I will need that come spring 2014. And what the devil is the emirates cable car? Can't seem to get the airline out of my head. Happy New Year, happy travels and happy blogging. Thanks, from America

    1. Many thanks for your comment. if you ever want the price of anything I have on the blog please let me know and I can let you know. The cable car is a rather nifty way of travelling from one side of the river Thames to the other. I really enjoyed going on it and hope to do so again soon. Americans and Brits aren't that different really. We dream of trips to America and lots of your dream of trips to London. Keep reading the blog and spread the word. Man thanks.

    2. Thank you, Redfield, for asking what I had wondered as well. And, I thank you, too, Mr. OB, for your blog. I really enjoy reading it and also dream of a trip (from America) to England, not only for the purchase I'd like to make but to see in person the many things in which you have sparked my interest.

    3. If you ever find yourself in New York you could pay a visit to NYCE Wheels. They are an excellent outlet for all things Brompton.


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