Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas Cycling Guilt!

This morning I ventured out on my Brompton very early for a one mile round trip to any newsagent that was open. Luckily I found one and bought the latest copy of Cycling Weekly.

I am not a regular reader of this particular magazine but an article I had heard about caught my attention. It was all to do with popular Christmas food and how many miles cycling one would need to embark upon in order to burn it off. What I read was quite disturbing!

Kettle crisps (40g) - 4.6 miles of cycling.
1 x mince pie - 6 miles.
6 x Quality Street - 6.3 miles.
1 x slice of Christmas Cake - 6.7 miles.
1 x portion of trifle - 7.3 miles.
1 x portion of Christmas pudding with 2tbsp of double cream - 10.7 miles.

(The above is based on the average person weighing 70kg and cycling at 12-14 mph). I won't go on as it is a quite depressing and sobering list!

I found this all quite incredible. Logically thinking - something that is defiantly switched off at Christmas - I knew this already but it certainly gets the little grey cells working.

I have little intention of going through Christmas like a Franciscan Monk but will not go mad stuffing my face either. A healthy balance is the way to go. One of my brothers in law based on the above list and its general theme would probably have to cycle from London to somewhere in the far North of England, the the amount he consumed yesterday alone!

Since Sunday and this morning I have done nothing in the way of getting out on my Brompton and I think I am going to have to get out in the next few days, when I can. In the meantime, enjoy yourself as much as you dare!


  1. Good idea to keep the calories and the amount of riding needed to burn them off, in the back of one's mind.
    Peace :)

    1. I'd say to keep the scores waaaay in the back of the mind and to put the efforts into planning some rather long, enjoyable rides! Keeps both sides of the coin positive, that way...

    2. 40g bag of Kettle Chips?, 1 portion of trifle?..........
      the author of this comment was last seen on his bike somewhere south of Morocco.........

  2. HAHAHA you sure like scaring >:P

    Based on all that I'd ave to cycle to the moon and back atleast twice >:P


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