Tuesday 4 December 2012

Camera for the Discerning Brompton Rider

As my loyal readership will undoubtably know, I have quite a thing for certain cameras. If you are unaware of this fact, you will only have to glance back at my previous blog entries.

At the moment the new addition the, Nikon V1 with its built in viewfinder, lightening speed focus and crazy burst rate is my ever faithful companion. In short I love it and I love the bargain price I paid for it as it has been replaced by a newer model.

My Ricoh GRD is a little camera that I also love. The black and white photos it can produce are excellent and it is great for street, landscape and architecture photography. Being small, lightweight and inconspicuous despite having a magnesium alloy housing, huge battery life and a gorgeous screen all make it a great little package when wanting to travel light.

The last camera in my collection is the new kid on the block that has ruffled the feathers of all in the premium compact market. The Sony RX100. This little powerhouse has an f1.8 Carl Zeiss lens, 20.2 megapixels and is able to produce photos as clear and detailed as some DSLR's. It is also tiny for all its many features and again brilliant for travelling light.

I do not want to disturb any of you reading this out there but I have been considering selling the Ricoh and/or Sony for a DSLR! There I have said it. Sorry if this has upset anyone but there you have it. 

Owning a DSLR about 2-3 years ago I abandoned it when I got my beloved Orange Brompton as I wanted something smaller when out and about. With a small bike I wanted a camera that matched. There have been times when I have missed the power and detail that one can derive from a DSLR. Not sure yet whether I will go down this route as I am enjoying the Nikon especially and the other two.

Anyone out there with any thoughts, please let me know.

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