Sunday 16 December 2012

Navigation on a Brompton

I am generally next to useless when attempting to navigate. I say this with a heavy heart!

Growing up I lived within throwing distance of the Royal Geographical Society. Passing this wonderful building I was captivated by the exploits of Livingstone, Shackleton and Scott. I have travelled extensively across the globe and getting hopelessly lost and going off piste was always something I was infamous for among those who travelled with me.

I am always amazed by those who have a near genetic disposition to always keep on track. One such person is David P of the Brompton Club. It must be like people who take to languages. Some just have an aptitude for it.

Despite my O level Geography grade A the ability to read a map correctly and navigating with it is bordering on witchcraft - double if riding my Brompton!

Technology is of course available to pinpoint ones location to within a few feet on planet Earth. I suspect that it is going to be this that will provide salvation. The iPhone has lots of map apps but I doubt if the battery would last the many hours these ever more adventurous rides take.

At some point in the new year I will have to purchase a mapping unit, which will at least will point me in the right direction!

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  1. woohoo, I had a feeling you would do soon enough and yes I to am impressed with David's mapping abilities. Almost Jedi Master like, don't think we have ever done a U turn unless the road has been blocked for some reason.


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