Saturday 22 December 2012

GT85 perfect for your Brompton

GT85 is quite amazing stuff. After my 10 mile ride in the rain this morning, the chain of my Brompton was left in a disgusting state. When I arrived home I was very thankful for a package that contained two tins of GT85. The very nice people at GT85 kindly sent me two tins of their GT85 for the purposes of reviewing on my blog.

The special ingredients in GT85 helped to get off all the muck and grim on the chain and the rest of the bike and when clean allowed me to spray on a layer to lubricate the chain, which will actually displace water! The little red straw that attaches to the nozzle does a really good job in creating a fine jet that helps to get into all the small parts of the chain.
I also used some on the main frame to get off dirt, oil and grim and it was very effective and didn't damage the paint. The underside of the mudguards were caked in dirt and application of GT85 even worked there.
I now have a gleaming Brompton ready again for the open road. In fact I did have to pop out after cleaning the bike and the chain and gear change was silky smooth.
The contents of a tin of GT85 with all its cleaning/lubricating/water displacing prowess borders on witchcraft but GT85 contains a substance abbreviated to PTFE. There is a rather long word to go with this but if I simply say that this substance is commonly known as 'Teflon' you will have almost certainly heard of that. It is used a hardwearing nonstick coating and with moving parts it allows things to move more freely.
The list of plus points for GT85 are extensive:

  • Water displacer

  • Rust proofer

  • Won't drip off

  • Electrically safe

  • Deep penetrating action

  • Longer lasting than many similar products

  • Metal and plastic finisher

  • Ozone friendly

  • Non-carcinogenic 

There really are lots of uses for GT85 and the fact is it approved by the Ministry of Defence and has specific NATO accreditation, leaves one feeling that if it is good enough for them, it's good enough for me.
I have to confess to being a bit of a GT85 fan before they kindly sent me two tins but I cannot see myself using anything else.
Special thanks to Gavin at GT85 for sending the tins to me in the first place and you might want to pay a visit to their website for information on this and their other products.

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