Sunday 25 November 2012

Windy London

Yesterday in London it rained. If the afternoon and early evening it rained even more. In the early hours of this morning there was a torrential downpour with strong winds that woke even the soundest of sleepers!

Only someone crazy would venture out to Richmond Park for a quick spin. Step forward yours truly. I went quite early and had the place to myself apart from a sparse selection of dog walkers, joggers and those on road bikes. 

Leaves were everywhere and a few twigs on the road but nothing out of the ordinary. I took my S2L with me (deliberately taken due to it still being windy). I didn't take a great deal else. I didn't even bother with a camera this time - mainly due to the fact I wanted to complete one full lap without any distractions. 

Richmond Park is by no means my favourite location to cycle but it is demanding and this is the only reason I return and will keep returning. The hills are becoming less of a struggle each time I go but only having two gears to play with today made me wish I'd taken my beloved Orange Brompton. Still, I do think it has done me some good and I will need to up my game as far as training goes. 

With no official Brompton rides until mid December, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. That simple pleasure of venturing out, frequently to the unknown with a group of other Bromptonians is a difficult thing to explain, other than I miss it.


  1. Ah, Mr. Orange, but how fortunate you are that you have Bromptonians with whom to ride in the first place! I fear that it will be decades before we have a similar group in my suburban wasteland on this side of the pond.

    I think I've found a pleasant crew of (cough) more typical cyclists for group rides, but to ride with Bromptonians . . . well, that would be best of all.

    Here's hoping your December date comes early in the month!

    1. I certainly agree with you about this. Just was remarking in my own blog about how jealous of Mr. Orange I am because there are not Bromptons within 100 miles and very, very few non-lyrca cyclists. Sigh!

  2. Mr Orange, I chuckle at your latest star date e blog.

    I wonder at captain Oates would have made of it, maybe "Am going outside! I maybe some time!",.....BUT I'll be back.
    I on the other hand have only a Brompton to boot, alas no group to travel with, being more akin to a "High Plains Drifter", never leaving home without my intreped iconographic recording instrument,some of the hills I climb seem to be mountains but alas sometimes.. 1st class walking is better than 3rd class pedalling under great pressure, it is always much better to travel than to arrive.
    Being a Bromptonaut is a life enriching process,
    Who dares wins! Who cares! Who's wining!... JUST keep pushing ( or pedalling which is ever easyist)Chuckle Chuckle.

    from The Brompton Blog Roll.

    PS Do enjoy your blogs!


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