Friday 2 November 2012

Cateye rear light.

I already have a Cateye rear light but with the winter approaching and the nights getting darker earlier I wanted an additional light. In addition to this, I will be going on a few night rides in the near future and next year some extra illumination can only be a good thing.

I opted for the light on the picture below. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries (included). It is very light and has the traditional 3 x modes, of just on and two flashing. The 5 x LED's are very bright and certainly allow one to be seen.

The light can be mounted horizontally or vertically which is great for the rear seat pillar on a Brompton and you also get a clip mount, which allows you to attach it to a bag or jacket.

I bought mine from Evans with a London Cycling Campaign discount for £15.99. There are of course more expensive lights out there but I didn't really want to pay more than £20.


  1. Hey did you not consider the brompton rear light? There is a battery version that replaces the rear reflector.

    I use this in conjunction with a LED lamp mounted on the seatpost to make sure that I am seen.


    1. Hello. Thanks for leaving a comment. You are totally right about the Brompton rear light. I actually have them fiitted to both of my Brompton bikes. The Cateye lights are just a little bit extra for visibility. In the coming weeks you'll understand why I need them...but can't say just yet.


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