Saturday 3 November 2012

Brompton Bicycle book

In a charity shop window in Kensington, I rescued this book on the Brompton Bicycle for the princely sum of £1. A bargain.

Written by David Henshaw it charts the history of the Brompton Bicycle and the struggles of its inventor Andrew Richie to get it out to market.

The book has a earthy, self published vibe and is a very good read for all fans of the Brompton. There are dozens of photographs and towards the back of the book a section on maintenance - very useful. I particularly liked the details of people who have customised their Brompton bicycles - believe me this isn't just adding new brake levers or stickers.

It really is a well written book and if you are thinking of buying am Brompton, have one or want to hear about the struggles of an engineer with a great idea trying to get his dream realised you'll almost certainly enjoy it.

I finished the book with a thought. If the Brompton had not been invented and Andrew Richie turned up on the BBC's 'Dragon's Den' would he secure the investment he wanted? I'd like to think that a great idea would shine through but that might be looking at things through a certain rose coloured tint.

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