Tuesday 20 November 2012

Where Your Brompton is Welcome in London!

Many people have asked me about taking their Brompton folding bicycle to different London locations. One of the great things about owning a Brompton is that you can take it with you anywhere. In doing so the chances of your beloved means of transport being half inched are much lower. So where can and can't you take your folding friend?


On Oxford Street, Selfridges seems to sell just about everything and are happy for you to carry your Brompton in store. Not sure that I'd fancy doing that in the run up to Christmas but at least your won't be refused entry.


In Knightsbridge Harrods offers a left luggage service. The charge is £3 and the left luggage service is located on the Ground Floor at Door 2a, which can be found to the rear of Harrods on Basil Street.

As far a museums are concerned they are generally Brompton friendly:

British Museum

Brompton bikes aren't allowed in the cloakrooms but there is a bicycle rack just inside the main gates on your right.

Imperial War Museum 

Will almost certainly accept your Brompton (as long as it is folded) in their cloakroom.

Tate Modern

Will accept a folded Brompton in their cloakroom.

Natural History / Science Museum

They have two choices. You can use the bicycle racks outside the main entrance via Cromwell Road. They are located just beside the Security hut.

Alternatively (although pricey) you can pay £6 to leave it in their cloakroom (Natural History Museum).

National Gallery / Portrait Gallery

Unable to accommodate Brompton bikes in their cloakroom but there are three sets of City of Westminster bicycle racks, situated in Jubilee Walk, by the Orange Street Education Centre and opposite the National Gallery in St. Martins Place (next to the church of St. Martin in the Fields.

An alternative would be to use the left luggage storage lockers in Charring Cross Station. They are open from Monday to Sunday 07:00 - 23:00. The charge is £8.50 per item for the 1st 24 hours then £5.00 per item for every 24 hours thereafter. It is a great (but pricey) facility and you can find these lockers at the following stations: Euston; Kings Cross; Liverpool Street; Paddington; St Pancras; Victoria and Waterloo. You can find details of the company in the link below.


Victoria and Albert Museum

Will not accept folding bikes in their cloakroom but as it is so close to the Natural History Museum you could use the bicycle racks I have described above.


There really are too many theatres in London to comment fully on this. I would say that going to the theatre perhaps once or twice a year at different locations for the last couple of years I have not been refused my Brompton being deposited in the cloakroom (and once in the theatre security office).


With regards restaurants I have generally found that as long as you are polite and are prepared to fold and leave the bike under your table or in a location the restaurant suggests, I have yet to be refused.


Cinemas are usually a no no but to be honest I have't taken a Brompton yet to find out. Perhaps someone who has could leave a comment.

Generally I have to say that the vast majority of places I have visited on my Brompton are quite happy to accommodate. I perhaps shouldn't say this but some of the places they say they do not allow folding bikes in their cloakrooms, do. (Or at least this has been my experience).

Being polite and friendly is the key. I wouldn't however want you to give the impression that you could turn up and expect your Brompton to be accepted. My advice is, if in doubt phone the establishment in question or email them in advance and ask.

Owning a Brompton is so much better than a full sized bike! Just imagine trying to take a Specialized inside the Tate Modern! The Brompton is perhaps the ultimate personal transport that really can be taken almost anywhere.


  1. I am certain many will appreciate this list very much.
    Good work!
    Paz :)

  2. I've taken my Brompton into the Coronet cinema on a Tuesday, folded it up and sat at the end of a row with it next to me, with absolutely no objection from staff. Even more to their credit that this was on a £3.50 Tuesday, so the place was packed.

    Also I have stood in the foyer of the Odeon on Holloway Road with it slung unfolded over my shoulder, without any staff raising an eyebrow, when it came to ascending the stairs to the screens, a member of staff took it from me to put into the manager's office - brill!

    I was also without my lock at a local Marks and Spencer, carrying it unfolded again over my shoulder, very cheeky, a staff member took it from me and waited outside with it whilst I continued with my purchase.

    They're like puppies I think, people understand that they're cute and that you want to keep them safe.


  3. Going to the National tonight. It will be interesting to see if they will accept the brompton. You do wonder why the National Gallery can't take a brompton in their cloakroom.

  4. Great list, Mr O.B.
    Odeon Covent Garden - happy to look after your Brompton
    Sadler's Wells - 50p for the cloakroom
    Most theatres I've been to have been really helpful - but I always phone ahead to check.

  5. National theatre - Brompton's in cloakroom fine!

    Sorry to keep updating - but this is such a helpful resource!

    Matt (red brompton/previous anonymous)

  6. From Head of Security, Rick Meyer, at British Library this morning:

    Despite the BL providing a bike rack and secure storage in the locker room for large cases / folding bikes – a facility not provided at other major heritage site - if you wish to lodge your bike in the cloakroom you may. The bike must be clean, dry and covered.

  7. Ritzy cinema cannot take a Brompton ever

  8. I've left mine at the Old Vic Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre and both were fine and helpful.

  9. I was refused entry with my folded Brompton entry by the security guard at the Coop in Homerton. He said I had to leave it by the door. When I asked him if he would keep an eye on it he said no, it was not his job. First time I have ever been refused at any shop or supermarket.

  10. This site rather misses the Big Point about Bromptons: you fold them up and you take them with you: off the street.

    Even if you do have the mandatory locks to haul around with you, leaving any bike worth only slightly under a grand in a street rack - even locked - isn't a particularly bright idea. My Brompton dealer strongly advises against it.

    Why doesn't My Orange Brompton start a petition for Museums et al to start accommodating folding bikes?

    This is a *fairly* helpful resource for Brompton museum and gallery goers, providing some information, but why not categorise, in two columns places that say YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR BROMPTON IN OUR CLOAKROOM and places that say WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE YOUR BROMPTON - or only in a street rack.

    Now that *would* be helpful…

    1. As the blog post states - back in 2012 - I was asked by lots of London based readers to write a piece on where they might be able to take their Brompton. My thoughts on whether I would leave my Brompton unattended are well known.

      I neither care about or have the inclination for starting a petition! As for categorising into two columns as you suggest so that it is incredibly helpful as apposed to just fairly helpful, perhaps you should start your own blog. Should you decide to do this, please do not send me the link, as I will almost certainly have better things to do.

    2. Hear Hear!


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