Sunday 4 November 2012

Sunday Morning Downpour on a Brompton

I was up early this morning and sent out to get a litre of milk as we had run out. The weather outside was inclement to say the least! I took my Altura jacket and over trousers and headed out.

They kept me dry as the rain started to beat down with some force. The Carradice saddle bag, which I had emptied prior to going out performed really well and milk made it safely home. I did perform a little test of my own for curiosities sake.

I placed a small piece of blotting paper (yes I still use this stuff with all the fountain pens I have) inside the Carradice bag and the chest pocket of my jacket. I was very pleased to find that both were dry.

I am glad that we had good weather for yesterdays ride!

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  1. We was VERY lucky with the weather on the iBikeLDN ride for sure. Hell even I had my over trousers on for the first time this morning.

    I'm seriously considering that saddle bag you know, I've even been dreaming about it >:D


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