Sunday 11 November 2012

Going Bear Grylls on a Brompton

If you have ever visited the quite brilliant, 'Path Less Pedaled' website you will be able to read about truly epic adventures! They occasionally use Brompton bicycles for some of these adventures and almost take the kitchen sink with them. There are videos of how to pack a Brompton and what to take with you. They are brave, intrepid and fearless of the unknown.

Inspired by this I bought one piece of equipment for possible adventures in the raw. Out there in the field, where it is man against the elements. Where the equipment chosen could be a mater of life or death. A bit like one of those Bear Grylls television programmes?

I suspect you are now wondering what in the world has he bought? The simple answer is...behold... an all in one, lightweight and durable spoon, come fork. come knife! I bought it in a supermarket for the princely sum of 50 English pence (that was for two by the way). It weighs next to nothing and looks almost unbreakable.

Just ripe for adventures...?

Now, regular readers of this humble blog will know that yours truly is an urban creature, who rarely strays into the rural. You would be correct in that assumption. You may even be thinking where and when will he use this item? Well, if I take a bowl of pasta, or a salad I might well use this. If I take a flask of soup and not want to look like someone from the football terraces, I might use it. You see, there are times when I might really need it!

I did say at the start of this blog entry inspired by the great people at 'Path Less Pedaled.' I will have to try and build up to an adventure on par with theirs. In the meantime, should you see an Orange Brompton owner checking their GPS to see if they are on the right track. If you see someone who has set up camp to consume a mixed leaf salad and is using this spoon-fork-knife and they are in London's Hyde Park...say hello, it might be me.

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