Thursday 8 November 2012

Altura Night Vision Windproof Jacket.

What have I become? There was a time when on the rare occasions I walked in to a cycle shop, I would view the clothing offered therein with mistrust, mild derision and occasional amusement. This view has changed somewhat.

If you have read my blog for the past few months, you will no doubt know that I have been going on longer and longer adventures on my beloved Brompton bicycles. This has made me think long and hard about what to wear on such sojourns.

Last year my winter cycling outfit consisted of a Northface Gore tex jacket with fleece liner and a high vis vest. This was heavy, not aerodynamic and not particularly breathable. Going on longer Brompton adventures has made me look towards the 'layer' principal where thinner and better fitting items of clothing, seems to be the order of the day.

With this is mind I purchased an Altura Night Vision Windproof Jacket. This is a well fitting jacket from a company I know well from other purchases.

The jacket has:

Stretch, Windproof, water repel front, shoulder and sleeve panels.

Stretch thermal rear panels.

Full front zip with garage.

Three open rear pockets and a zipped security pocket. (All well positioned and extremely useful).

Velcro light stick LED mount.

Critically positioned reflective panels and trim (some of which you can see in the photos).

It is lightweight and could not be used in its own right as a winter jacket, but as part of a another layer, it really come into its own.

It really is a great little jacket and I am sure will prove its worth on the many trips I am going on in the coming weeks. I can also see me using it when spring arrives as it could be worn with a just a T-shirt underneath.

I do wonder what I have become but I ask you out there whether something similar has happened to you in your cycling wardrobe. I would love to hear from you so please comment if you can.

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  1. Funnily enough i have just purchased the Altura night vision evo gloves to go with my waterproof jacket of the same name. I have not tested them yet but will let you know how i get on.


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