Friday 9 November 2012

Brompton Toolkit

The rumour mill has now swiftly kicked into action about whether the much fabled, 'Brompton Toolkit' will be available in time for Christmas. To use common parlance, the word on the street, is that it will. This, of course, can only be good news as I am one of those who covet one or perhaps two (since I own two Brompton bicycles).

For those of your unaware of what I am going on about, the Brompton Toolkit like virtually everything Brompton make, is and will be a little gem. It is a toolkit that fits inside the man tube of the bike. It is a wonderful idea and begs the question, why has no one thought of it sooner?

Brompton are for me becoming almost like 'Apple' in creating a buzz of anticipation for their products. Little snippets of information are released hither and yon to tempt us. I suspect that when it is finally released it may well sell out. I could be wrong of course but I have yet to come across a current Brompton owner who isn't going to get one.

If you have read my Epic Grand Union Canal Ride you will know that I was lucky enough to go on an impromptu factory visit. While there I saw the toolkit on display in the flesh as it were. Possibly a prototype it nonetheless looked very and well engineered.

So, the waiting game begins. I only hope that the rumours are correct and that it is out there in time for Christmas. What do you out there think? Will you be getting one? I'd love to know, so please post a comment.


  1. I also have seen pictures of this and it does look neat. To be fair I would prefer them to bring out either a new titanium seat post or maybe a carbon one. I am sure you can get other makes that will fit but i have not seen a reliable review of one yet.

  2. What is wrong with the current Titanium seat post ?


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