Sunday 11 November 2012

London Plague and no Brompton Riding!

After the high of yesterday and finally realising, with the help of a friend, that I could change the rear wheel of my beloved Brompton bikes, there was a dramatic low today.

It was my intention to quickly nip out early this morning to ride part of the route of a trip I am getting together. This as you may have guessed this did not happen. My house was transported back in time to 1665 and we were visited by the Plague!

Wife and two daughters succumbed to 'the sickness!' Vomit to the left of me. Vomit to the right of me!! Somehow I have up to the point of writing this entry avoided the plague. I have been using Carex hand gel that apparently 'kills 99.9 of bacteria in seconds.'

I have stoically tended the sick like Mary Seacole of the Crimea but unlike the great Mary Seacole, I did not do so willingly. Thankfully the worst seems to be over with, otherwise I would have quarantined myself and locked myself in a room where the plague was not!

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