Monday 19 November 2012

Why I won't be buying the Brompton Toolkit After All

Since news of the Brompton Toolkit was released I have been eagerly awaiting its release. I have blogged about it. I have seen it in the flesh at the Brompton Factory and I have talked about its many merits to other Bromptonians. Now that its release is imminent, I won't be one of the many who will buy one.

I must state that I think the design and build quality (from what I saw at the factory) is second to none. It exudes quality and is very well engineered. I would stick my head out to say that it will probably win a raft of awards. So why won't I be in line buying one I hear to you ask?

The opportunity arose to place an order for one this week. The price £48 - which of course might be adjusted up or down. When it came to actually pressing confirm order - which was the position I was in - I could not proceed. Despite all I have said and written about the toolkit, when it came to parting company with my money I just thought it was too expensive.

At say £29.99 I would have bought it. But for me at least £45ish is too much. With my new Carradice saddle bag I carry a a few tools on even the shortest of rides and wonder if I'd really need it? With this in mind I sought an alternative. I had to look at serious car mechanic stockists and search long and hard for something suitable, but I think I found what I wanted.

I bought a Teng Tools Midget 15mm spanner for £4.69. It is less than 10cm long, weighs next to nothing and could be carried in a pocket let alone my saddle bag. The picture above is of course the 17mm version I got from the web and I will post a picture of it when it arrives. With this I could happily change a wheel and I just feel happier about paying £4.69 rather than £45+

Knowing me, in a few weeks time I might be posting pictures of the Brompton Toolkit I have bought but for the moment at least I won't be one of those placing an order for one. In many ways it is a little like the 'Brompton Oratory Jacket.' Loved it, wanted it but wouldn't pay £250 for it.


  1. My thoughts exactly and I too got a 15mm spanner for about £5 awhile back and as you said with our saddle bags its a no brainer.and the price is WAY too much to get something I've already got.

  2. Monsieur L'Orange,
    I wonder, have you seen the video of the new toolkit? I just saw it now for the first time. I probably still won't be getting it, but it might sway you:

  3. I bought one, loved the elegance, but it doesn't work, bites your hand and the tyre lever snapped.

    1. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment.

      Yes I've heard a few horror stories about some people's experiences when using the toolkit.

      I am sure that it if is a widespread problem Brompton will do someone about it. They are pretty good at looking after their customers.


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