Sunday 18 November 2012

Colour Photos from the Greenwich Loop

Here are some more photos taken with my Sony RX100 from the Greenwich Loop ride. These are all colour, unlike the ones posted yesterday and are the raw files straight out of the camera with no changes  apart from the copyright notice.


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing. I'm in Seattle; hope to jump across the pond someday!

  2. Many thanks for your comment. If you ever venture as far as London, look us up. There are always lots of rides going on to interesting places.

  3. Great photos - as always Mr O!
    It was good to share this ride with you and the other group members

  4. Great photos!

    Idea for a blog entry: write about how you keep your Brompton so clean (other than lifting it over muddy areas in a girly fashion ;-) I'm genuinely curious to know. I used to be better at cleaning my B but I'm getting a bit lazy these days. I am sure you have a routine and cleaning supply ideas which could be useful to us all!


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