Saturday 10 November 2012

70,000 Plus!

Another milestone has been reached and last night I passed the 70,000 page views mark. When I started this humble blog a couple of years ago I was lucky to get 100 page view in two months. In the last four weeks I have had a little over 10,000!

For regular readers I again thank you for sticking with me and to anyone new please keep coming back.   It is great that I have had so many hits and I walked a little taller this morning when I thought about it.

So, thank you again for reading and I only hope that I can keep you entertained, informed and amused in the future.


  1. Well done on this, what an achievement. You actually have inspired me and I have made a group on facebook called "shropshire brompton riders group" if anyone who is a reader lives in the area please do join as want to start reguakr rides like these London folk do.

  2. This is great! Really glad that you decided to do it. Hope you joined the London Group as I'd like to join yours.

  3. How do i find the London group?

  4. Put us in the search when in facebook and you should find us. Membership will have to be approved by an administrator (I am one, so you'll be in pretty quick).

  5. I have joined, by all means join the Shropshire branch


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