Saturday 3 November 2012

iBikeLondon on a Brompton

My cycling calendar has been very packed of late. I wasn't going to go to today's iBikeLondon event but I received special permission from Mrs Orange Brompton and was therefore allowed to go.

The meet point for a few of the London Bromptonian group was a restaurant/cafe next to the Serpentine in Hyde Park. The weather was chilly, crisp and bright and rain was not forecast.

The official meeting point was at the Statue of Achilles not too far away and it was there that I met up with my partner in crime iCrazyBee and per members of the Brompton group.

There were lots of riders, probably getting on for 50 in all and after a few photos we were given some maps and riding instructions. Soon we were on the open road heading for Richmond Park.

Before we arrived at the familiar sight of Richmond Park we passed through Barnes and cycled over the rather lovely Hammersmith Bridge, the first of three times on this ride!

At Richmond Park it wasn't long until we were on the hills. I got rather carried away and went up the hill, down and hill and past the main group of riders who were waiting at the top of the hill!

When we hit the Thames cycle path we were offered a choice. Continue on a rather bumpy track or take to the roads. We were all going to the same destination, The Old Ship pub in W6. On the bumpy track that preceded the choice, my back wheel was almost like those on the the Ferrari that Tom Selleck drove in the opening credits of his famous television series, 'Magnum PI.' If you have ever seen the opened credits of 'Magnum PI' you will know what I mean. I therefore opted for the road.

Using iCrazyBee's fancy Garmin Edge 800 those of us going on the road followed him and got to the pub in good time, before the main group and without error. Very impressive. At the pub iCrazyBee and I ordered a pretty mean looking fish and chips which was excellent.

After saying our goodbyes Allan, Nancy and I followed iCrazyBee and his Garmin back to Richmond Station. The train was waiting for us which we boarded and home beckoned.

Another good day out and it was also the first outing for my new Carradice Roll Saddlebag. It fitted the following with ease:

1 Tools
2 Genuine Innovations Air Pump and CO2 bottle
3 Spare inner tube
4 Sony RX100 Camera
5 Map
6 Front light
7 New Cateye rear light
8 Small water bottle
9 Pack of tissues
10 Portable battery charger for iPhone
11 iPhone 5 lighting charging cable
12 Wet wipes
13 Oyster card - in Brompton card holder
14 Two oat bars
15 Ham and cheese baguette - bought at a rest point in Richmond Park

It was great having a lighter load and not having to use the S-bag. I am definitely sold on Carradice and this was a brilliant purchase.


  1. Was a great day today and I impressed myself with the way the Garmin Edge 800 performed. And I'm seriously considering that awesome Carradice bag you got :)

  2. I too am impressed with your Carradice bag. It holds a lot! I am also on the lookout for a smaller day-bag for my Brompton (I currently have only a C-Bag), and am considering the Ortlieb Mini-O bag in white, but they're pretty pricey.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Will. It really is a great little day bag and the bike felt much lighter without my S/C Bag - which I would have taken otherwise. About £30 in UK so quite good value really.

  3. I've been thinking about it all day and am quite certain it's on my Christmas list :-)

    Thanks for the heads up!


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