Friday 30 November 2012

Brompton Weekend Ride.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and take my new camera out for its first proper outing. My Brompton will of course come with me. (Having two I will be spoilt for choice but favour my S2L at the moment as I have been enjoying it on my daily commute).

This is a little like what I got up to almost two years ago when I first got my Orange Brompton. I am not sure where I will end up but it will allow me to test out my new camera and put the finishing touches to an all night Brompton ride in a few weeks time. (I shouldn't really be using it until my birthday but hey ho).

I want to go as far a the City and return along the Strand so I can try and find Temple Church. Bearing in mind I usually get last trying to find it...we'll see if I find it! If I don't fancy this, it is going to be another spin around Richmond Park.

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