Thursday 1 November 2012

Cute Maine Coon Kitten likes Brompton

Our new addition took a shine to my Orange Brompton. Remember he is only 12 weeks old and probably looks bigger than he really is in these pictures. He is however quite big for age and we think he is bigger than his two half brothers we got a couple of years ago - although it's hard to remember them as kittens.

Yes he really is only 12 weeks old.
At the moment we have the unenvious task of introducing him to his half brothers. There has been much hissing but he seems relatively unfazed by it all so far.


  1. I see you observe the rule that bloggers must post at least one adorable cat picture.

    Your recent posts have me wondering if there is a connection between love of Bromptons, and the same regarding Maine Coons.

    We have one of the former (yellow and racing green), and two of the latter (one blue and white, one buff). All three are full-fledged members of the family, of course.

    Perhaps a survey should be done? This is a most interesting coincidence, and may require a photo or two on my own blog.

  2. I thought I'd be the only one but very happy I am not alone. He is a lively character to say the least and not a bit scared by his older, fully grown and huge half brothers.


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