Sunday 14 October 2012

Slipping chain on my Orange Brompton

In the last few years my beloved Orange Brompton has been on some very interesting journeys. Yes, of course it has been my sole mode of transport on my daily commute but it has been much more. Two Brompton World Championships, Brompton Marathon, Brompton Sprint, London Nocturne, Oxford to London, London to Oxford...the list could go on.

As I rode it yesterday and today I could feel the tell tale signs of a chain slipping and needing replacing. I therefore placed an order for the necessary parts from the excellent 'Brilliant Bikes' and hope to receive the parts in the next few days.

Fitting these parts will be an easy task - for someone else! I occasionally have a mild fit of the vapours when I recall my attempt to change the tyre on my rear wheel. I watched Andrew Finkill on YouTube but alas for me at least, any mechanical tinkering is at best witchcraft or worse one of the dark arts unfathomable to me!

So in a few days I will have to use my Raw Lacquer S2L for my commute. I only hope it doesn't rain!!


  1. Don't worry about changing out the chain and cog they are pretty easy. the only thing i found hard was counting the amount of links for the chain to make it the right length as I kept losing count (unless your getting a proper Brompton chain I'm guessing will be the correct length to start with)

  2. Mr. O:
    What a coincidence?
    I just got mine changed, yesterday.
    I got new cogs too.
    Cheaper to change both at the same time, as you well know.
    Mr. BumbleBee and others advised me to get the cogs and the chain changed at the same time.
    I am so glad I did.

    You're gonna love the feel of the bike after the change.

    Peace :)


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