Friday 26 October 2012

A Chilly Windy Brompton Ride

Tomorrow I will be meeting other Brompton riders for a Richmond to Hampton Court to Richmond ride.

It should, as always be pretty good but the weather has definitely turned the last few days. Temperatures have dropped and if tomorrow is anything like today, it will be chilly and windy. I am therefore going to be wrapping up warm and making sure I have my gloves with me!

I will post a writeup and some pictures at some point soon.


  1. Great site. Please post photos of your trip from Richmond to Hampton! I am the proud owner of a green Brompton []! Was in NYC yesterday at to have lights installed [Battery Lighting system for C/L, Part# QVBATLAMSET]. Nice ride from Grand Central to York/84th Street. Also, rode back to Grand Central via Times Square.

    About occasionally takes me there and you may recognize this,, and

  2. Hello Winston. Thank you for your comment. (please follow). Yes I do recognise that, although I have not been in there yet. Next time you are in this neck of the woods see if it coincides with one of our rides.


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