Tuesday 23 October 2012

Nervous Twitch on Brompton

Regular readers will already know that on Saturday I took my beloved Orange Brompton to my local Brompton Service Centre, with a brace of replacement parts to be fitted. I am missing the simple pleasures of having the Orange One for my daily commute.

I am having to use my Raw Lacquer S2L while it s at the shop and not liking to use it in the wet, or the slightest chance of it being wet has caused me some anxiety. The English, it is oft said are preoccupied with the weather. This is, to some extent true. However, my interest in all things meteorological has increased greatly in the last few day as I worry about the forecast and likelihood of rain!

When riding my S2L along the streets of London during the past couple of days, I am conscious of this preoccupation and look hither and yon for the first signs of rain. So far so good, although I don't know what I would do if it actually did rain!

This nonsense really will have to end. Perhaps a good downpour would be almost like aversion therapy and get me over using it in the rain? If I bought another Brompton - it would of course be Orange this time - would I do the same? Would I only use it for better weather? Possibly. A Brompton is such a well made bicycle that using it in rain would hold little fear for it. The fear is with this rider!

I only have to last until Friday at the latest as my commute will stop for a week while I am on holiday. I hope I get the call soon to say that My Orange Brompton is ready!

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