Saturday 6 October 2012

Overtaking roadies at Richmond Park

Went to Richmond Park early this morning for a little spin. I took my S2L with me and luckily the weather was good. Cold but clear skies and no rain.

My S2L seemed to cope pretty well with tend hills. Perhaps it was me that coped with them rather than just the bike alone? I certainly seemed to feel fitter and wasn't too phased by them.

I was the only Brompton surrounded by road bikes. On the big hill I actually managed to overtake a few - the advantage of those small wheels. Once on the flat however I was left for dust. Still, I felt smug!

Tomorrow morning I plan to get out and do something I haven't done for ages - Brompton and camera and taking photos if whatever takes my fancy. This will almost certainly include whatever Brompton bike I decide to take out with me.


  1. that's crazy talk. what you really did is you overtook lazy/tired/resting people on road bikes.

  2. I suspect you don't ride a Brompton. If you did you'd surely know that on a hill the Brompton is a road bike killer.


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