Friday 26 October 2012

Orange Brompton Back!

At last! My beloved Orange Brompton is back from my local bike shop and has had all the new parts I bought for it. I picked it up yesterday and today was my first test drive with the new parts fitted.

As you may know, I was having problems with the chain slipping and sloppy gear changes. I therefore bought a new chain, rear cog set and chain tensioner. I must say that having the new parts fitted has certainly made a significant difference. All feels really good and precise.

I also fitted some new brake pads - front and rear - and actually managed to adjust the brake cables. Believe me, even doing this was something I didn't feel confident doing and it has made me realise that I must get myself on some sort of maintenance course.

Several friends on mine with Brompton bikes could have quite happily a tackled these jobs with ease, without the hassle or expense of taking it to a bike shop. It probably is a confidence thing and me thinking that I can't do it - not being particularly technically minded. For example, I wouldn't mind fitting some Kojak tyres for the BWC or other races but would want to change them over to my favoured Marathons soon after for general use. At the moment I would be reluctant to do this.

What I am going to have to do it gradually do a little more each time and either find a Brompton Jedi Master I can be apprentice to, or simply get on a course of some sorts.

What do you out there think? Are you like me and terrified of mucking things up? Where you like me and have now overcome your fears?

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