Thursday 18 October 2012

Orange Brompton Makeover.

The time have come to replace a few parts on my beloved Orange Brompton. A few clicks on the Internet and a visit to the Brilliant Bikes website and I have a number of new spare parts.

The first package contained a new chain, rear cogs and chan tensioner. I have noticed that my chain has been slipping somewhat over the past few weeks. When comparing it to my S2L which is a great deal less used, I could see that it was visibly slacker. I thought I would buy a new chain tensioner as my current one looked very worn.

The next was the new 2012 updated folding pedal which I have liked a great deal on my S2L. The old pedal as creaking the right non folding pedal rattled. It just seemed like a good idea to replace both.

Next, a couple of packs of brake pads, always a useful thing to have just in case. I suspect my rear brake pads need replacing but the front should be okay for a while.

I will get taking the bike to the local shop that services my Brompton at the weekend and hope to have it back soon. I am sure that keeping my Brompton regularly serviced a supplied with new parts as and when it needs them, will provide many more years of loyal service.

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  1. You really need to learn to service your B yourself you know. There is nothing better than spending quality time with your B like that and getting it in tip top shape :)


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