Thursday 4 October 2012

Cycling - Addictive??

As I glanced in a cycling magazine at a well known newsagents within a mainline railway station at the weekend while waiting for a train, I saw a short piece asking the question of whether cycling is addictive? I didn't buy the magazine to pursue this line of thought further but did mull things over this morning on my Brompton commute.

Am I addicted to cycling I pondered as I also thought about the gloves I should have worn today but left at home. Well, I certainly like it a great deal. Any excuse to get out on the Brompton outside my normal commute, is something I do. Only last weekend I cycled over 60 miles with other Bromptonians to Oxford. Are they addicted too?

I do find that cycling home after work is very therapeutic. I can unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of riding the Brompton. If I know that it is raining before heading for home,  I enjoy it even more as I know there will be a hot cup of tea or coffee at the other end as some sort of inducement. Should it be good weather or if I feel like it the Garmin does on the handlebars to allow me to try and beat my previous time home. 

I have been known to get off trains and buses so that I can unfold and ride off at my leisure, rather than stay with the crowd. Perhaps cycling is addictive after all. Or, maybe it is the Brompton that is addictive?

What do you out there think?

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  1. once you start riding, you can hardly live without the ride. it translates to many other activities that gives you pleasure. the brompton is good, too.


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