Sunday 7 October 2012

Morning Brompton

This morning I woke up quite early, had some porridge and headed off to the City with my Orange Brompton.

It was my intention to take my little Ricoh GRD III (a great little beast of a camera with a fixed 28mm prime lens, that is perfect for architecture and general street photography). I did take the camera with me but like my good friend iCrazyBee when we went on the Richmond to Oxford ride, in my haste I had left the battery in the charger! The stupid thing is that I only put it in the charger so that the battery would be 100% however the Ricoh's battery is very good and I would have had more than enough juice anyway.

I could have kicked myself when I stopped the bike near Trafalgar Square, got the Ricoh out and powered up only to find that nothing happened. At first I was fearful that my favourite camera was broken, but opening the battery door I soon realised what I had done!

At Trafalgar Square there were lots of other people taking photographs. Many were tourists. Some were probably photography students. There were a couple of people on bikes doing what I was doing - albeit with a camera that worked - which was simply going for a morning cycle and taking a few snaps. I was the only person on a Brompton.

The weather has definitely taken a turn and I was glad of the gloves, that I had remembered to bring! As I reached the Lloyds building and Tower 42 I couldn't see anyone else around. Heading back to Hyde Park I went as far as the Albert Memorial and Kensington Palace before heading back to Park Lane and Marble Arch.

As I folded the bike and took it into a coffee establishment to get a hot drink I saw a couple draw up on new and rather meaty Specialized mountain bikes. With my drink I sat down by the window to see them struggling with the best way to lock their bikes. They were taking front wheels off and then putting them back on again when the lock they had didn't reach. I thought of my beloved Brompton sitting beside me quite safe and contemplated what it would be like to have a full sized bike? I shuddered at the thought!

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