Tuesday 30 October 2012

Carradice Roll Bag on a Brompton

At a recent Brompton ride I saw another rider with a Carradice Roll Saddlebag. I have been toying with the idea of getting one for some time and seeing one in the flesh made me covet it even more.

Carradice have been making bag for bikes for years and together with a Brooks saddle they really do add that finishing touch. You get a bag which is two litres in size and three leather straps. Two attach it to the lugs on the saddle and the third attaches to the seat post. It is a classic and simple design.

I wanted one of these as when out on shorter day trips I don't really want to have to take the S-Bag (the smallest Brompton bag I have). The Carradice is a wonderful solution to tis problem. It is waterproof, lightweight and can be taken off if needed.

It is made out of a wonderful material called cotton duck. This is waterproof, breathable, natural, reproof-able, has a reflective logo and is even self sealing. It does this by the cotton threads swelling when wet to create a watertight seal!

The bag has a sturdy zip and press stud flap and everything gives off the vibe of being very well made and built to last. On the inside there is a little label telling me that it has been handcrafted by a lady called Janet, who has signed her name in pen. A very nice touch and whoever Janet is, she has done a wonderful job.

I think it looks pretty good on the Orange Brompton but I must confess it looks even better on my raw lacquer S2L. If the green and tan straps aren't to your tastes, they also do a black and white version.

I love it and today when I made a short trip to the local shops, I fitted inside a waterproof jacket, mobile phone, camera, gloves, wallet, spare tube and some tools and had loads more room.

This little bag may not stay on my bike on a permanent basis but I will use it extensively on day trips. It is bordering on perfection in terms of size, weight and quality. For a penny shy of £30 it really is a bargain and I may now have to have a serious look at the bag they make for the front carrier block of Brompton bikes.


  1. Just a quick hello and intro. I've been following your blog a while now. I don't have a Brompton yet, I'm still on that waiting list.

    I have a much cherished Carradice Barley, which goes on my current 700x28c size bike. These bags are stylish and tough. Never regretted getting one.

    But, what happened to that S-bag review, did you ever post one?

  2. So, as a birthday treat to myself, I ordered the Carradice bag in black with white straps. It arrived today before I left for work and I excitedly looked forward to coming home and attaching it to my bike. But now that I've tried, I've encountered an unforeseen problem: the straps are too wide to fit through the holes in the saddle loops of the standard Brompton saddle!! I am not sure what to do now. Rather disappointing. I don't really want to have to get a Brooks saddle just to use my new bag (I'm quite happy with the standard Brompton one), nor do I want to return it! I suppose I could narrow the straps by cutting.. but I am afraid that the layers will then begin to separate. Suggestions!?!?

  3. Hello Will. I don't quite understand why they don't fit?? I just tried it on the two standard Brompton saddles I own and they are tight but it does fit pretty well. Be a bit more persistent and I'm sure you'll get them in.

  4. Hello again, sir! After your reply, I tried again and they still wouldn't go through. But I persevered and - eventually -- it did work! But it was really, really tight. Not sure if these straps are a mm or two wider than normal! Anyway, have a great evening and fun with your new wrenches, and thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Could be that they are slightly wider than mine. The standard saddle is really good but your Brompton, Carradice bag and yourself will be set off that bit more with a Brooks saddle!

  5. Hi, I also have an orange Brompton, and I'm considering buying a Carradice stockport city folder. I'm living outside UK, so I could only order one online. I'm not sure which colour would go better with the orange-extremities/black-frame Brompton, the green or the black, since I could not try them out in person, and the colours in photos I could find online seem to vary a bit from one to another. Would you perhaps give me a few tips here? Thank you. ^^

    1. Hello Nadine. They are lovely, lovely bags. For me I'd go for black. I have seen both in the flesh and my Original Orange Brompton was once as yours colour wise. Definitely black!


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