Saturday 27 October 2012

Brilliant Bikes - Brilliant by name...

There comes a time when you have to purchase spare parts. Owning a Brompton is slightly different to generic bicycles out there as many of the parts are produced only by Brompton. Having somewhere good to buy spare or replacement parts is vital.

With this in mind step forward quite possibly, the, best place to get genuine Brompton parts - Brilliant Bikes. Brilliant Bikes is a small but growing online company where you can get all you Brompton needs. When I say all I really do mean all. Everything from brake pads up to frame parts, Brilliant Bikes either has it in stock or can order.

Everyone I come across in the London Brompton Club uses them and most of us recommend them to anyone in need of something worn out or broken etc. They are very knowledgeable and will reply as swiftly as they can to emails. An example of this was when I toyed with the idea of converting my M type to an S type. I didn't have a clue what parts I'd need to do this, but they did. In the end I kept things as they were but if I had of gone through with it I would have had a detailed list of what I would need.

Another great thing about Brilliant Bikes is that delivery in the UK mainland is free. Not only this, delivery is fast. I have bought things from some very well know companies and they cannot compare with Brilliant Bikes for price and speed of delivery.

I must add that I am not an employee of Brilliant Bikes, getting a discount from them or being paid to write this review. I am merely a Brompton owner wanting to pass on the location of a great little company.

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