Saturday 20 October 2012

Lamy Nexx Fountain Pen - in orange.

Last week a work colleague presented me with a Lamy Nexx fountain pen. The cap was in a rather fetching orange. I wonder why they thought I'd like it??

I don't think it was a new pen but I was nonetheless very grateful. It is a great little pen with an aluminium barrel and a nib that is the same as those on the quite brilliant Safari range. The grip is very comfortable and rubber coated and writing with it is a breeze.

Talking of nibs, this one had an extra fine fitted and I am finding it pretty good for figure work and number crunching as my handwriting seems to be neater with it doing such tasks.

It takes the standard Lamy converter so that you can use your favourite coloured ink or if that is not your thing it accepts the generous Lamy cartridges.

Unfortunately, I think that this particular colour is discontinued but there are plenty of others available in the Nexx lineup. As with all Lamy pens in the sub £20 price range, it really does punch well above its weight and represents great value for money.

Lamy also make pens at the other end of the price bracket. I would love to have a go with their stunning 'Dialog 3' which is a gorgeous retractable fountain pen. This is now in its third version, hence the 3 and I have eyeing it up ever since I saw version 1! If Lamy's pens at the £15 - £45 price bracket are really good, what are their luxury pens like? (Anyone who has used or owns a Dialog 3 please comment and let me know).

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